Buying Orca3D

Orca3D is available in two Levels, and each Level is available as a Commercial or Educational license. Commercial licenses are available as Standalone or floating Network licenses.

Level 1 includes the modules for: Hull Design and Hydrostatics/Intact Stability

Level 2 includes the modules for: Hull Design, Hydrostatics/Intact Stability, Speed/Power Analysis, and Weight/Cost Tracking



Level 1 Level 2 Upgrade Level 1
to Level 2
     Commercial Standalone License $1390 $2780 $1390
     Commercial Network License (requirements) $1735 $3470 $1735
     Educational License* $125 $250 $125
Special Orca3D/Rhino bundles are available here for Westlawn and Landing School students.

If there is a reseller in your area, it will be advantageous to purchase through them, as they will be able to provide technical support in your time zone, as well as providing support for Rhino.  There is no price advantage to Direct Purchase.


*Proof of eligibility is required to qualify for Educational prices, as follows:  A copy of student ID, or a copy of current course schedule, or a letter from a professor on school letterhead. Your course of study must be naval architecture or a related field. Educational licenses are full working licenses of the software. Future upgrades may be purchased at Educational pricing if you are still a student at the time, or Commercial pricing if you are no longer a student.